Opis 22 knjige koje sam pročitao u 2019. godini – Bruno Boksic
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Opis 22 knjige koje sam pročitao u 2019. godini

U 2017. godini sam pročitao 47 knjiga i 9273 stranica s dnevnim prosjekom od 25,40 stranica.

U 2018. godini sam pročitao 43 knjige i 8889 stranica s dnevnim prosjekom od 24,7 stranica. 

Ove godine sam pročitao 22 knjige i 5376 stranica s dnevnim prosjekom od 14,7 stranica.
Ovogodišnja puna tablica izgleda ovako.  (klikni ovdje za uvećanu sliku za detalje)

Neću se previše osvrtati na to zašto je ovaj broj toliko manji– nije mi ponestalo discipline, nego su mi se promijenili prioriteti.  To sam detaljno opisao u ovom članku.

Moj sustav čitanja knjiga je ostao isti:

total – broj stranica koju trebam pročitati
day – koji je dan u godini 
done – zeleno ako sam taj dan pročitao više od 20 stranica, crveno ako je manje
u četvrtu kolonu bi nekada ubacio datum, a komentar opisuje dan završetka čitanja određene knjige te njezin datum. Ovogodišnja slika sustava izgleda ovako:

Detaljan pogled na sliku: https://ibb.co/YQFFNYs

A sada idemo na ovogodišnje knjige.

Popis, opis i kratki sadržaj pročitanih knjiga u 2019. godini

Nazivi knjiga će ti reći jesam li istu pročitao na engleskom ili hrvatskom jeziku, a sumacije će biti dosta kratke. Ako su ti potrebne bilješke ovih knjiga ili jednostavno želiš pričati o nekoj od njih, slobodno se javi na boksicbruno@gmail.com. Čitam svaki mail.

Knjige pročitane između dana 0-100

1. Na Zapadu ništa novo – Erich Maria Remarque

O čemu je knjiga:

Horor prvog svjetskog rata ispričan kroz život Paula Baumera, njemačkog 18-godišnjeg vojnika koji se bori u rovovima Zapadne Fronte. 


Sva besmisao rata se nalazi u 200 stranica ove knjige i svaka budala koja bi danas rado uzela pušku i pucala treba pročitati ove stranice. Jer kada čuješ svog najboljeg prijatelja kako tri dana plače i zavija 100 metara od tebe, ranjen, a ne smiješ doletjeti i spasiti ga jer to neprijatelj samo čeka, onda ti ne pada napamet uzet pušku i pucat. 

Nije čudo pa je Hitler zabranio ovu knjigu u Njemačkoj jer koji bi 20-godišnji njemački mladić nakon ovoga uzeo pušku i išao pucati?


I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow. I see how peoples are set against one another, and in silence, unknowingly, foolishly, obediently, innocently slay one another.

This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it. It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war.

He fell in October 1918, on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole front, that the army report confined itself to the single sentence: All quiet on the Western Front. He had fallen forward and lay on the earth as though sleeping. Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come.


2. Orthodoxy – G.K.Chesterton

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako se G.K. Chesterton, poznatiji kao Princ Paradoksa, preobratio na katoličanstvo i kako je došao do saznanja koja su ga u to uvjerila.


Ovu mi je knjigu cura preporučila kada sam se hrvao s relativizmom Zelene i nikako neke stvari nisam mogao pomiriti u svojoj glavi. Nisam znao da ću odgovor na to pitanje pronaći u ovoj knjizi, ali izgleda da jesam i drago mi je da jesam. 


A man who loves France for being military will palliate the army of 1870. But a man who loves France for being France will improve the army of I870. This is exactly what the French have done, and France is a good instance of the working paradox. Nowhere else is patriotism more purely abstract and arbitrary ; and nowhere else is reform more drastic and sweeping. The more transcendental is your patriotism, the more practical are your politics.

Can he hate it enough to change it, and yet love it enough to think it worth changing?

Because the earth is kind, we can imitate all her cruelties. Because sexuality is sane, we can all go mad about sexuality. Mere optimism had reached its insane and appropriate termination. The theory that everything was good had become an orgy of everything that was bad.


3. The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

O čemu je knjiga:

Pisma Gary Halberta svom sinu Bondu– od životnih principa, zdravlja, snage do onoga što je na kraju proslavilo ova pisma – direktnoj prodaji. 

p.s. Boron je zatvor u Americi.


Potrebno je puno vremena kako bi se nešto jednostavno napisalo, a ova pisma ne mogu biti jednostavnija. Ali svako od njih nosi svoju mudrost i praktične primjere kako ostvariti te mudrosti. 


HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired and you should never make a decision when you are any of those things

Nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason.

Rely on your own strength instead of somebody else’s compassion!



4. The Laws of Human Nature – Robert Green


O čemu je knjiga:

Uvijek detaljni Robert Green pa tako i s ovom knjigom – Zakoni ljudske prirode nam govore o 18 zakona koje, ako ih već nećemo primjenjivati, barem moramo znati kako nam drugi ljudi ne bi prodavali maglu. 


Kao svaka Greenova knjiga, ovaj je prepuna povijesnih primjera za svaki zakon što daje veliku kredibilnost knjizi. Proletjeti ćeš kroz 500 stranica ko’ ništa!


First, the Laws will work to transform you into a calmer and more strategic observer of people, helping to free you from all the emotional drama that needlessly drains you.

If people take an action that seems out of character, you will take note: what often appears out of character is actually more of their true character.

Man will only become better when you make him see what he is like.
—Anton Chekhov


5. Pre-Suasion – Robert Cialdini

O čemu je knjiga:

Pokušaj definiranja prodaje i uvjeravanja ljudi kao procesa koji se događa prije same prodaje (uvjeravanje prije prodaje).


Nikakav. Knjiga je manje više gubitak vremena. 


According to this nontraditional—channeled attention—approach, to get desired action it’s not necessary to alter a person’s beliefs or attitudes or experiences. It’s not necessary to alter anything at all except what’s prominent in that person’s mind at the moment of decision.

Although it might seem that we are concentrating on more than one thing simultaneously, that’s an illusion. We are just rapidly alternating our focus.

Daniel Kahneman was asked to specify the one scientific concept that, if appreciated properly, would most improve everyone’s understanding of the world. Although in response he provided a full five-hundred-word essay
describing what he called “the focusing illusion,” his answer is neatly summarized in the essay’s title: “Nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it.”


6. Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako je uspjeh u današnjem svijetu orijentiran prema EQ- emocionalnoj inteligenciji, a ne IQ – kognitivnoj inteligenciji. 


Ne sjećam se zašto sam uzeo čitati ovu knjigu, ali nakon Zakona Ljudske Prirode od Greena i još raznih knjiga koje sam pročitao u prijašnjim godinama, nisam uspio dobiti ništa novo od ove knjige.


What factors are at play, for example, when people of high IQ flounder and those of modest IQ do surprisingly well? I would argue that the difference quite often lies in the abilities called here emotional intelligence, which include selfcontrol, zeal and persistence, and the ability to motivate oneself.

All emotions are, in essence, impulses to act, the instant plans for handling life that evolution has instilled in us. The very root of the word emotion is motere, the Latin verb “to move,” plus the prefix “e-” to connote “move away,” suggesting that a tendency to act is implicit in every emotion.

The fact that the thinking brain grew from the emotional reveals much about the relationship of thought to feeling; there was an emotional brain long before there was a rational one.


7. Level Up Your Life – Steve Kamb 

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako koristiti gamifikaciju u popravljanju svog života + biografija Stevea Kamba. 


Ovo je prava feel good knjiga – uhvatio sam neke zanimljive primjere gamifikacije ovdje radi kojeg sam se i zainteresirao za istu (o tome više u kasnijoj knjizi).


Now, when you join The Rebellion, there’s a list of rules we choose to abide by. Our first rule is that we don’t care where you come from, only where you’re going. Whether you’re an 18-year-old high school senior trying to figure out what the heck to do with your life or a 55-year-old divorcée yearning for something more, I’m excited to help.

I woke up the next morning, marched into my brother’s room, and let him know I had to move to Atlanta as quickly as possible. Fortunately he was incredibly supportive and helped me begin my job search; my boss was less enthusiastic about the idea.

Screw bucket lists—they’re boring, unoriginal, and few people ever cross anything off them. My game would be called “The Epic Quest of Awesome.”


Knjige pročitane između dana 101-200

8. The Alter Ego Effect – Todd Herman 

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako najbolji svjetski performeri kreiraju svoj alter ego- ono što preuzme “volan” u trenucima kada im to najviše treba. Tako Bruce Wayne postane Batman, Kobe Bryant Crna Mamba, a Jim Carrey Andy Kaufman (ako nisi gledao taj dokumentarac, velika preporuka).


Sportaš, glumac, kreativac, ili pisac– svaka od ovih uloga se itekako može okoristiti alter egom. To nije nikakvo izmišljanje dijela svoje osobnosti, već prihvaćanje da određeni dijelovi tvoje osobnosti imaju mjesto i vrijeme gdje su poželjni, ovisno od konteksta. 

Ne želiš biti miroljubiv u ringu isto kao što ne želiš biti ratoboran u učionici.


Beloved British actor Rowan Atkinson, famous for his character “Mr. Bean,” was bullied for his stuttering throughout his school years. As he progressed through school and eventually earned an MSc in electrical engineering from Oxford University, he discovered something profound. While in school, the boy who overarticulated and stuttered developed an interest in the dramatic arts.
In the August 23, 2007, issue of Time magazine, Atkinson was asked if he still stuttered. He simply replied, “It comes and goes. I find when I play a character other than myself, the stammering disappears. That may have been some of the inspiration for pursuing the career I did.”

You may see yourself as someone who’s a kind and nice person. (Those are great qualities.) However, on the Field of Play of work, people may take advantage of that kindness and heap more work on you than is fair, or use it to negotiate unfair terms. Instead, I’m asking you to be more intentional about who needs to show up on that field.


9. The ONE Thing – Gary Keller

O čemu je knjiga:

Vraćanje onome što znači prioritet (prius/primus znači prvi/jedini). Ne možeš imati više prioriteta, on je samo jedan. A kako skontati koji je onaj jedan pravi i onda samo na njemu raditi za najbolje rezultate? Odgovori se kriju u ovoj knjizi.


Koncept je genijalan (just do one little thing right that makes everything else unnecessary), ali nije bila potrebna čitava knjiga da se isti opiše. Ovo je komotno mogao biti članak od 1500-2000 riječi, a ne knjiga od 250 strana.


Be like a postage stamp— stick to one thing until you get there.

What’s the ONE Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?” And the most awesome thing happened. Results went through the roof.

When you go as small as possible, you’ll be staring at one thing. And that’s the point.


10. The Freelance Content Marketing Writer – Jennifer Goforth Gregory

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako postati freelance content marketing writer i kako od toga itekako dobro živjeti. Knjiga obrađuje sve aspekte freelance pisanja i ako želiš biti jedan (uspješan) freelancer, onda je ovo za tebe kao Biblija. Jennifer je freelance writer koja već godinama zarađuje preko $100K od pisanja, tako da ovo nije izmišljanje, već realna situacija.


I dan danas se vraćam ovoj knjizi po neke taktike, primjere, rješenja za probleme. Genijalna knjiga za ono što radim i toliko mi je pomogla da su mi prihodi ove godine narasli 26% samo radi ove knjige.


Even though I’ve stayed at the six-figure level for the past three years, success isn’t something you hit once and are set for life. Freelancing is a constant roller coaster. I’ve been fired by clients, made embarrassing typos and went through a period of no paying work. Even last week I lost a client because they didn’t think I was a fit for the project anymore, and I came to a very rational conclusion at 3 a.m. that I was a complete fraud and needed to change careers.

Every freelancer experiences highs and lows and days where they convince themselves they are a fraud, no matter if they are just starting out or been doing this for 20 years. You are not alone.

For example, if a business spent $3,000 on a whitepaper, but the deliverable (yes, I did that on purpose) was downloaded 200 times and resulted in five businesses purchasing a total of $17,000 in software then the gain on the original investment was $14,000. That’s an ROI of 467 percent.


11. Keep Going – Austin Kleon 

O čemu je knjiga:

Kad ti je pun kurac svega kao jednom umjetniku/kreativcu i samo hoćeš sve zapaliti i pokupiti se u Tunguziju (ono, svakodnevica), a ne možeš, onda uzmeš i prelistaš knjigu Austina Kleona da se malo smiriš i dođeš sebi.


Ljudima koji se ne bave kreativom će ova knjiga biti glupa i nejasna. Za one koje se bave, definitivno vrijedi pročitati samo radi smirivanja uma i tijela.


The world is crazy. Creative work is hard. Life is short and art is long.

I sit down at my desk and stare at a blank piece of paper and I think, “Didn’t I just do this yesterday?”

I thought I was wrong about everything…and I was wrong about that too.

A little imprisonment—if it’s of your own making—can set you free.


12. Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham

O čemu je knjiga:

Sales sustavi- ako imaš biznis ili radiš na pravljenju sales sustava za druge biznise, onda ti ova knjiga itekako može pomoći. 


Jednostavnost brate. To je ova knjiga. Lik ti ne priča bajka i neke fenomene, nego ti daje jasne strategije i taktike potkrijepljene brojevima i njegovim vlastitim primjerima. 

Svaki biznis ima tri stvari: Lead generation (kako ljudi dolaze u kontakt s tobom), lead conversion (prodaja) i lead retention (koliko klijenata ponovno kupi od tebe) – a onda ti Jay Abraham svaki pojedinačno razloži na proste faktore.


You don’t have to change your product or service, but you have to position your product or service as having a unique benefit they re not getting from your competitors. And you don’t offer it to your clients subtly. You incorporate the fact that you are now offering them this unique advantage or benefit in everything you say and everything you do. When you do this, you clearly educate them so they see, appreciate and want to seize that advantage.

When Senator Robert A. Taft announced for the presidency in 1952, Walter Weintz created an elaborate series of test mailings for the campaign. To these he added a revolutionary element: a request for money. Not only would a dollar or two coming in indicate the winning test, it was like betting on a horse. Put money on a horse, Walter reasoned, and you’ll do everything in your power to make sure that horse wins. In this case, you’ll not only vote, but persuade your friends and family to do likewise. Weintz went on to use this technique for dozens of candidates. It changed American politics forever.


13. Everything Is Fucked – Mark Manson

O čemu je knjiga:

Knjiga o nadi, o tome kako je ne treba zapravo imati, ali postoji twist koji je unikatno Mansonov. Genijalna knjiga ti pomaže ne da se nadaš biti bolji čovjek, nego kako da stvarno budeš bolji čovjek. 


Nabavio sam knjigu prvi dan kada je izašla i pročitao sam je u dva dana. Mislim da sam podcrtao pola knjige i na osnovu saznanja iz iste, napisao nekih 5,6 tekstova na svom blogu sigurno. 

Ovo je puno teža knjiga za čitati od njegove “Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”, ali po mom osobnom dojmu puno bolja. Ogromna preporuka. 


Kant summed up these unconditional acts with one simple principle called The Formula of Humanity: you must treat humanity never merely as a means, but always as an end itself.

An adult will love freely without expecting anything in return because an adult understands that that is the only thing that can make love real. An adult will give without seeking anything in return, because to do so defeats the purpose of a gift in the first place.

Without hope, your whole mental apparatus will stall out or starve. If we don’t believe there’s any hope that the future will be better than the present, that our lives will improve in some way, then we spiritually die. After all, if there’s no hope of things ever being better, then why live—why do anything?


14. Born For This – Chris Guillebeau 

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako stvoriti svoju svrhu u životu, ne kako je pronaći. A kada si je stvorio, kako onda napraviti jasnu formu kroz koju možeš implementirati tu svrhu– odnosno prevedeno na hrvatski– kako naći/napraviti posao koji ti ne uništava dušu, nego je hrani.


Da ti pravo kažem, morao sam ući ponovno u knjigu i pročitati svoje notese da se sjetim o čemu je knjiga. Toliko je bila neimpresivna, a pogotovo nakon Mansonovog čuda od knjige, ova je kompletno isparila iz knjige.


For a long time I thought I should find some passion. Now I realize that passion is not uncovered, it is created. But most people never put in the effort required to get good at something to the point where you grow to love it.

That’s the goal for all of us: to find work that feels like play, yet also has meaning and a good paycheck attached to it.

Whether in the workplace or greater society, some scripts and norms are important for social cohesion. For example, regardless of our politics, most of us pay taxes because we understand that public goods cost money, and because we don’t want to go to jail. This is a good script to follow, generally speaking. Many other scripts and norms, however, exist merely out of tradition, regardless of whether they’re still relevant, or to preserve an existing power structure.


15. Actionable Gamification – Yu-Kai Chou

O čemu je knjiga:

8 principa gamifikacije, primjeri kako su druge firme to već primijenile kod sebe te kako ih implementirati u tvojoj firmi. Knjiga prepuna realnih primjera i koncepata, ali pripremi se na duga čitanja jer ima 600 stranica. 


Ako se baviš bilo kakvom organizacijom, definitivno ti preporučujem knjigu jer će ti pomoći imati puno bolje i motiviranije zaposlenike. Gamifikacija je čudo i ako se dobro implementira u firmi, može biti razlika između bankrota i genijalno uspjeha. A od koga to bolje naučiti nego od jednog od pionira i najboljih svjetskih stručnjaka za gamifikaciju – Yu-Kai Choua. 


Nike used gamified feedback to drive over 5,000,000 users to beat their personal fitness goals every day of the year.

The truth is, simply incorporating game mechanics and game elements does not make a game fun.

Many people voluntarily submit themselves to Black Hat Gamification in
order to go to the gym more often, eat healthier, or avoid hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock every morning.


16. I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi


O čemu je knjiga:

Program Ramit Sethija o tome kako se pobrinuti za svoje financije (i ne samo financije) i živjeti uistinu bogat život (nisu samo pare).


Pratim Ramit Sethija već neke 2 godine i lik je genijalan. Sve radi s tonu zajebancije i zabave, a opet su mu knjige, tečajevi i blogovi itekako dobro istraženi i napisani. Knjiga je prepuna primjera običnih ljudi koji su uspjeli uštedjeti malo više, zaraditi malo više i plaćati malo manje. Tako da je itekako preporučujem za generalno znanje i informacije o financijama, ali znaj da je visoko fokusirana na Ameriku tako da možeš preskočiti poglavlje o 401(k)u jer ne postoji kod nas. 


For example, your Rich Life might be to live in Manhattan. It might be to ski forty days a year in Utah, or to save and buy a house with a huge yard for your kids, or to fund an elementary school in Croatia. That’s your choice.

Many people want “new” advice—but the value in this book doesn’t come from novelty; it comes from usefulness.

So instead of saying, “How much money do I need to make?” you’ll say,
“What do I want to do with my life—and how can I use money to do it?”


17. The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz

O čemu je knjiga:

Paradoks izbora i kada nas dodatni izbori samo paraliziraju umjesto da nam daju veću sloboda. Jer raznovrsnost ne znači slobodu.


Knjiga od 180 stranica koja je mogla biti članak od 1500 riječi. Super je koncept, ali nije potrebna knjiga da bi se ovo ljudima objasnilo. Bolje pročitaj sumaciju negdje jer nema potrebe da čitaš čitavu knjigu.


Choice is essential to autonomy, which is absolutely fundamental to
well-being. Healthy people want and need to direct their own lives.

According to a survey conducted by Yankelovich Partners, a majority of people want more control over the details of their lives, but a majority of people also want to simplify their lives. There you have it—the paradox of our times.

Though as many as 65 percent of people surveyed say that if they were to get cancer, they would want to choose their own treatment, in fact, among people who do get cancer, only 12 percent actually want to do so.


Knjige pročitane između dana 201-300

18. A Brief History Of Everything – Ken Wilber

O čemu je knjiga:

Integralna povezivanje svega što je bilo– odnosno istine iz kemije, fizike, biologije, spiritualnosti, religije, feminizma, politike, politologije, lingvistike, ekologije, povijesti, zemljopisa, geologije, psihologije i sociologije povezane u jednu sveobuhvatnu povijest i budućnost razvoja čovjeka. 


Prijatelji me odveć mrze radi ove knjige jer mi u zadnje vrijeme 40% rečenica počinje sa “U Wilbera je to…” Od 112 knjiga koje sam pročitao u prethodne tri godine, samo je jedna knjiga bila bolja od ove, a nju sam obradio malo poslije ove. 

Ako biraš pročitati samo jednu knjigu ove godine, onda je to definitivno ova. 


Aristotle first pointed out—all of the lower is in the higher but not all of the higher is in the lower, which is what invariably establishes hierarchy or holarchy.

A more accurate, comprehensive map of human potentials will directly translate into a more effective business, politics, medicine, education, and spirituality. On the other hand, if you have a partial, truncated, fragmented map of the human being, you will have a partial, truncated, fragmented approach to business, medicine, spirituality, and so on. In garbage, out garbage.

Well, Arthur Koestler coined the term “holon” to refer to an entity that is itself a whole and simultaneously a part of some other whole. For instance, a whole atom is part of a whole molecule, and the whole molecule is part of a whole cell, and the whole cell is part of a whole organism, and so on. Each of these entities is neither a whole nor a part, but a whole/part, a holon.

19. The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

O čemu je knjiga:

Ako nisi pročitao Malog Princa, ajde odma gasi ovaj članak i idi ga pročitaj- nema tu ni 100 stranica, a genijalnost i mudrost ove knjige se vidi u njezinoj jednostavnosti. 


Ne znam samo zašto se ovo daje djeci u 5. osnovne kada nema šanse da se skonta ova knjiga – ovo je štivo za 4. srednje i fakulteta.


They never say to you, “What does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies?” Instead, they demand: “How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make?” Only from these figures do they think they have learned anything about him.

“The orders are that I put out my lamp. Good evening.”
And he lighted his lamp again.
“But why have you just lighted it again?”
“Those are the orders,” replied the lamplighter.
“I do not understand,” said the little prince.
“There is nothing to understand,” said the lamplighter. “Orders are orders.
Good morning.” And he put out his lamp.
“The orders have not been changed,” said the lamplighter. “That is the
tragedy! From year to year the planet has turned more rapidly and the orders have not been changed!”

“Goodbye,” said the fox. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


20. Integral Psychology – Ken Wilber 

O čemu je knjiga:

I vraćam se na Wilbera. Integralna psihologija opisuje razvoj svake individue kroz razne linije (moralna, kognitivna, emocionalna, vrijednosna) i pokazuje nam kako doći do krajnjih limita trenutnog čovjeka. 


Drugi razlog zašto me prijatelji mrze jer mi 60% preostalih riječi počinje sa “Spiralne dinamike…” Čitava ona serija o spiralnim dinamikama koju sam pisao 5 utoraka zaredom je inspirirana onim što sam pronašao u ovoj knjizi. Wilber je jebeni genijalac. 

Roditelji, psiholozi, političari, upravnici, menadžeri- ovo je knjiga koju bi trebali pročitati barem 10 puta.


The relation between levels is hierarchical, with each senior level transcending and including its juniors, but not vice versa (molecules contain atoms, but not vice versa; cells contain molecules, but not vice versa; sentences contain words, but not vice versa).

During psychological development, the “I” of one stage becomes a “me” at the next. That is, what you are identified with (or embedded in) at one stage of development (and what you therefore experience very intimately as an “I”) tends to become transcended, or disidentified with, or de-embedded at the next, so you can see it more objectively, with some distance and detachment. In other words, the subject of one stage becomes an object of the next.

The typical, well-meaning liberal approach to solving social tensions is to treat every value as equal, and then try to force a leveling or redistribution of resources (money, rights, goods, land) while leaving the values untouched. The typical conservative approach is take its particular values and try to foist them on everybody else.The developmental approach is to realize that there are many different values and worldviews; that some are
more complex than others; that many of the problems at one stage of development can only be defused by evolving to a higher level; and that only by recognizing and facilitating this evolution can social justice be finally served.

Knjige pročitane između dana 301-365

21. Sex, Ecology, Spirituality – Ken Wilber

O čemu je knjiga:

Ovo je “A Brief History of Everything” ali napisana u detalje- knjiga s notesima ima 1015 stranica i najbolja je knjiga koju sam u životu pročitao. Ovo kažem nakon što sam pročitao sve što sam pročitao u životu i vjerujem da mi nije uopće teško reći ovo. 

Sve druge knjige koje sam pročitao ne mogu primirisati ovoj ni blizu. 


Ne znam kako uopće opisati ovo što sam pročitao. Sjebano dobro, instrumentalno za razumijevanje svijeta, ljudi, procesa, Boga, realnosti, života, smisla i svega što još nisam i ne mogu nabrojati ovdje. 

Ovdje sam skontao zašto se tako teško uklapam među ljude, šta su mi značila ona iskustva iz Čapljine, Rusije i Makedonije, kako moram naprijed u životu i šta trebam dalje raditi. 


As Henri Bergson put it, the universe shows two tendencies, a “reality
which is making itself in a reality which is unmaking itself.”

But a higher-order whole, of which thislower-order whole is a part, can exert an overriding influence on each of its components. Again, when you decide to move your arm, your mind – a higher-order holistic organization – exerts influence over all the cells in your arm, which are lower-order wholes, but not vice versa: a cell in your arm cannot decide to move the whole arm – the tail does not wag the dog.

For Freud, the omega point, the end of development, was genital organization and integrated ego: all stages and all roads lead to that Rome. For Piaget, the omega point is formal operational thinking, which alone reaches “equilibration”and thus alone marks the end of development.
For Habermas, rational inter subjective exchange of uncoerced mutual understanding: when this fully unfolds, the relentless pressure subsides.
For Hegel, a rational State in which individuals could realize absolute Spirit
acting in and through them in a mutual community.
For Marx, a classless society in which alienation of labor and produce would be healed in shared mutual care. And most people are familiar with Teilhard de Chardin’s ultimate omega point, the resurrection of Christ
consciousness in each and all, which, like all omega points, is maintained to be the purpose of history and evolution itself.

22. Reinventing Organizations – Frederic Laloux

O čemu je knjiga:

Kako su nam organizacije zastarjele te kako je potreban potpuno novi sustav organiziranja rada i posla. A postoje firme koje već funkcioniraju po tim novim principima poput self-managementa, izbacivanja PRa i HRa iz firmi, CEOa koji nema mogućnost biti šef (može samo davati prijedloge), itd. 


Briljantna knjiga koja pokazuje smjer prema kojem će firme u budućnosti ići. Puno toga što sam našao u ovoj knjizi sam instiktivno primjenjivao u AIESECu i dosta uvjerenja koja sam tada imao u  vezi rada, posla, menadžmenta i organizacije sam samo potvrdio s ovom knjigom.


The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence. It is to act with yesterday’s logic.

There is nothing inherently “better” about being at a higher level of development, just as an adolescent is not “better” than a toddler. However, the fact remains that an adolescent is able to do more, because he or she can think in more sophisticated ways than a toddler. Any level of development is okay; the question is whether that level of development is a good fit for the task at hand.

The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.

I došli smo do kraja ovogodišnje liste knjiga. Nadam se da si pronašao narednu knjigu koja će ti pomoći da riješiš trenutni problem koji imaš u životu te da ti je ova lista bila inspirativna. Nadam se da ćeš i sam pokrenuti naviku čitanja knjiga jer iako nije sve u knjigama, dosta toga se može pronaći u njima (to još uvijek govorim nakon 112 pročitanih knjiga u tri godine). 

books read in 2019

Možemo uraditi velike stvari u životu ali samo ako počnemo od malih stvari, a kamo boljeg vremena od Novogodišnjeg da počneš nove navike i transformiraš svoj život. 

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AUTHOR: Bruno Bokšić
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